Hi, there!  This is a site that I set up to help new players (of all ages) get started with playing the autoharp, and to share tunes and tips with students of all levels.    (No, most people actually DO NOT play the autoharp with a rubber spatula; but it’s a fun and safe way to get the 1-4 year-old set into having fun making pretty sounds and strumming rhythmically.)   Please visit my site at http://www.larkpoint.com for more information about my music, concerts, recordings, instructional materials, and other interesting stuff.

Take a look at the introductory materials here, and feel free to ask questions if you have them.   If you’re interested in week-long schools, workshops, classes or private lessons, take a look at this site and contact me if I can be of assistance! 

Introduction to the Autoharp
Books for Learning Autoharp
Cathy’s Performance and Teaching
Seattle Autoharp Week
Playing Scales on the Autoharp
Southwind Plus You
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